Sunit Jain

About Me

I am a Bioinformatics Scientist, Data Engineer and explorer of complex systems with 10+ years of experience, 4 patents, more than 15 publications with a combined citation count over 800. I wrangle multi-omic data from complex microbial communities to discover novel therapeutics for human and plant health.

At the Biohub, as part of the 'Microbiome Initiative', I am responsible for developing the pipeline infrastructure needed by most of my collaborators at Stanford, UCSF and UC Berkeley. Due to the nature of the role and organization, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a range of high impact projects and work with extremely talented scientists and engineers along the way.

As Bioinformatics Scientist and DataOps Group Lead I was responsible for along with managing a team of very talented Bioinformatics developers and Cloud admin. It was my teams' responsibility to work with the various interdisciplinary stakeholders and deliver appropriate solutions. We were also responsible for prototyping, testing, developing and maintaining pipelines and AWS cloud infrastructure to analyze and integrate various meta'omic data. I am extremely proud and fortunate to have been able to work with incredibly talented and visionary colleagues, and contribute directly to numerous products and file 3 provisional patents for the company.

As a Bioinformatics Specialist at the Michigan Geomicrobiology Lab, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, for 6 years, I gained extensive expertise in analyzing Meta'omics data which resulted in a number of papers and a patent related to the anti-cancer drug ET-743 (Yolendis® or trabectedin).

Education and Projects

I graduated with a Bachelor's (B.Tech, 2008) from Amity University (Noida, India) and later a Master's degree (MS, 2011) in Bioinformatics from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA).

I have worked on various projects like:

  • 'Analyzing meta-omic data for novel organisms with the goal of finding new drug candidates for infectious diseases and cancers'

  • 'Meta-omic study of the Mid-Cayman Rise hydrothermal vent systems, some of the deepest in the world'

  • 'Studying novel nitrite oxidizers in the deep sea'

  • 'Studying airborne bacteria in earth's lower stratosphere and troposphere with NASA'

  • and many more.

You can also find a complete list of my publications, here, with many more on their way. I'm always looking for new opportunities. If you have questions that you think I can help you with, I encourage you to contact me through the form here.